Speedify SDK for Android  8.2.1
Initializing the SDK

The Speedify SDK needs to know the name of the application hosting it (for display purposes) and a unique port number to use to communicate between the foreground and background processes. These may be provided in several ways:

With either method, you may call SpeedifySDK.getInstance() to obtain a preexising SpeedifySDK object.

If you do not use SpeedifySDK(Context,String,int,ISpeedifyHandler) to specify a custom ISpeedifyHandler, you can call setHandler on your SpeedifySDK object to set one later. Note that some callbacks on the ISpeedifyHandler happen in Speedify SDK's background process. If you want to implment these, you must also call setHandler from the background process. To check if the current process is the background process, use SpeedifySDK.IsBackgroundProcess(Application) (preferred) or SpeedifySDK.IsBackgroundProcess(Context).