Speedify SDK for Desktop  10.7.0
Data Fields
SpeedifySDK_SafeBrowsingConnectError Struct Reference

Detailed Description

Safe Browsing error on initialization.


#include <results.h>

Data Fields

bool isError
 Indicates if this result is an error. More...
SpeedifySDK_ErrorType errorCode
 Error code. More...
 Error message. More...
SpeedifySDK_EventID eventId
 Asynchronous callback ID. More...

Field Documentation

◆ errorCode

SpeedifySDK_ErrorType SpeedifySDK_SafeBrowsingConnectError::errorCode

Error code.

◆ errorMessage

char SpeedifySDK_SafeBrowsingConnectError::errorMessage[SPEEDIFYSDK_MAX_ERROR_STRING]

Error message.

◆ eventId

SpeedifySDK_EventID SpeedifySDK_SafeBrowsingConnectError::eventId

Asynchronous callback ID.

◆ isError

bool SpeedifySDK_SafeBrowsingConnectError::isError

Indicates if this result is an error.

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