Speedify SDK for Desktop  8.2.1
Speedify SDK for Windows


  • bin/
    • speedify.exe - main daemon
    • bondingsdk.dll - SDK Library DLL
    • tap-driver/ - driver and driver installer
      • TapDriverInstallCheck.exe - driver installer
      • win32/ - 32bit Windows drivers
      • win64/ - 64bit Windows drivers
  • libs/
    • bondingsdk.dll.lib - SDK Library Lib
  • include/ - header files for the SDK library
  • docs/ - SDK documentation


  • Link with bondingsdk.dll.lib and put include/ in your include path.


  • Include the contents of the bin/ folder in your installation path.
  • Run tap-driver/TapDriverInstallCheck.exe during installation to install the network driver.


  • Run speedify.exe as an admin process or install it as a Windows service.
  • Pass in arguments to the daemon of '-p <port number> -r <installation path> -d <log data path>'.
  • If running as a Windows service, also pass argument of '-s <Service Name>' with the name you installed the service as.
  • In your code, instantiate a CSpeedifySDK object via SpeedifySDK_Create(uint16_t port) with the same port you passed to the speedify.exe daemon.